Tuesday, June 01, 2004

My morning...

7.30 am. Upset tum (don't need more detail, you know what i mean). Twenty minute hike in the rain, to the train. No umberella. One contact lens in, one folded up in the corner of my eye. Cashmachine rejects my card. Get my train ticket, fifteen pounds and seventy pence. Expensive ticket doesn't work in gate machine. Wait five minutes for attendant. Twenty-five minutes standing on train to Liverpool St. Funny-tum sends me sprinting awkwardly to macdonalds. Broken toilet seat, no lock - too late to worry about that. Emerge fifteen minutes later, relieved. Central line. Northern line. Walk to the bank. Bank opens late on a tuesday. Arrive at work, sit at my desk. Nine-thirty on the dot.

Forgot my bloody fags.